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What is e-invoicing?

E-invoicing enables organisations to send and receive invoices electronically, directly to their software. It removes the need for unnecessary data entry and inaccurate OCR scanning.

E-invoicing in Australia is provided through a network of interoperable Access Points, like MessageXchange, conforming to the PEPPOL standard that has been adopted around the world.

E-invoicing happens through a four-corner model, where corners one and four are the supplier and customer, and corners two and three are Access Points. Access Points connect to each other to exchange e-invoices. You can think of it like a telephone network – your phone and your friend’s phone are corners one and four, and your network provider (like Telstra, Optus or Vodafone) are corners two and three.

Check out our An introduction to e-invoicing whitepaper to learn more.

What are the benefits of e-invoicing?

  Cost savings

Studies have found that it costs $30.87 to process a paper invoice, $27.67 a PDF invoice, and only $9.18 to process an e-invoice.

 Faster invoice payments

The average e-invoice is processed in 5 days (compared with 23 days for a regular invoice). With a fully automated process, get paid much faster and increase your cash flow.

 Less time and errors

The e-invoicing process removes a lot of manual data entry. It’s a fully-automated process, so you can cut out the time and errors from manually entering invoices. Using our business process management engine, you can automate what used to be a manual process of matching invoices to orders, checking prices and more.


Automate the process of sending and receiving invoices. With our business process management engine, you can even automate other processes like two- or three-way matching, approvals, checks and more.

E-invoicing for

We have a range of solutions designed for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Get up and running quickly and easily with an e-invoicing solution that works for you.

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E-invoicing for

We get your software e-invoicing enabled quickly and easily. With data security and integrity top of mind, you can trust MessageXchange as your e-invoicing partner.

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E-invoicing for
software providers

We help get your software e-invoicing enabled quickly and easily. There’s no need for you to invest the time and resources into setting up and getting certified as an access point, we’ve done the hard work for you.

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Do you use MYOB AccountRight?

Get setup for e-invoicing in just minutes. Send invoices directly from MYOB to your customers’ software. And receive bills directly into your In Tray. Nothing technical, just register and run.

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Case Study

The focus for NZIR was to pay invoices early to help suppliers’ cash flow and to give them a seamless experience… [Their] e-invoicing solution went live in less than four weeks from partnering with MessageXchange.

Read the New Zealand Inland Revenue case study

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