Enable your whole business community

The free Colladium model makes it ideal to enable your whole business community to fit in with your fully integrated business. Connect with all of your trading partners, big and small, to engage and trade.

Remove barriers to 100% electronic trade

Colladium allows companies of any size to register, join your community and start trading – all electronically. There’s no need for your business community to integrate with you if they choose not to; they can simply login to receive your order and turn them back around to you. Or, if you’re a supplier, your customers can send you purchase orders through Colladium for you to receive into your existing business application.

Streamline your processes

A Colladium Gateway streamline your business processes; simply input the information as usual into your system, which will send data to the Colladium Gateway on MessageXchange, where the data will be mapped and then on-sent to the recipient in Colladium.

Save your business money

With a MessageXchange gateway, we do all the work for you. Hosting a gateway in your business could cost several times more than it would by using MessageXchange. With the our cloud service, you get the benefit of optimum service levels for availability, security and performance combined with elastic provisioning so you only pay for what you use.

Then there are the business benefits of automation that remove manual processing and costs, reduce errors while raising efficiencies.


10 steps to successful community onboarding

Looking to onboard your supply chain? This is for you.

New to EDI? We’ve put together this whitepaper for you to learn, in layman’s terms, what EDI is and how it’s used.

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The nitty gritty

Technical information

View the standards, protocols and file types supported by MessageXchange, gateway security and more.

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