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MessageXchange’s cloud B2B integration service can connect to your cloud service so you can offer your customers a fully compliant product. Remove the need to build and maintain specialised infrastructure and uphold strict security standards and governance. Our secure gateways support Standard Business Reporting 2 (SBR2), SuperStream, eInvoicing, Single Touch Payroll (STP) and more.

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With the introduction of standards such as standard business reporting (SBR) and the introduction of eInvoicing, companies now need to submit business documents electronically and in the mandated format to Government.

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MessageXchange automates the business processes for manufacturers, allowing you to spend more time on your core business. Our EDI Gateway connects your business to those of your trading partners. You don’t need to change your system or processes, just input the data into your existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and we’ll do the rest.

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MessageXchange connects your business to your trading partners via a secure B2B gateway so that you can communicate electronically and in real-time. Remove the need for error-prone manual data entry by automating your processes. Mining companies can send and receive accurate data instantly to and from their mines, offices and around the world. This allows your business to run faster and more efficiently.

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Financial Services

MessageXchange are specialists at connecting businesses to financial services. We allow businesses to be fully compliant with applicable legislation and industry standards without the hassle of investing in, installing, and maintaining additional software.

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MessageXchange enables thousands of suppliers to connect with retailers and distributors. We take the hassle and complexity out of exchanging business information with other companies. Our solution can be tailored to suit everyone from small businesses through to multi-national organisations.

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Transport and Logistics

MessageXchange understands transport and logistics and the importance of having a seamless supply chain. Our EDI Gateway can connect your business to your trading partners without you having to change your processes. We enable you to trade messages electronically and remove the need for error-prone paperwork.

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A MessageXchange ebMS 3.0 AS4 Gateway allows your business to exchange messages between trading partners, financial institutions and Government. It electronically links your software to your business partners’, so that you don’t have to change your processes or infrastructure.

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