Exchange all types of communications

Your EDI Gateway can transfer messages such as purchase orders and invoices between you and your suppliers. It goes beyond that too. You can share information like forecasts, projections and stock levels so that your suppliers can be ready for your next purchase order. All the information is kept in your current ERP system, so that you can leverage off your investment and don’t need to purchase, install or maintain additional software.

Trade with everyone in your business network

A MessageXchange EDI Gateway allows your business to trade with your partners; both upstream and downstream. Not only can you trade upstream with your product suppliers by sending and receiving order documents, but you can also use your EDI Gateway to trade downstream to send stationery orders, requests for new tools and more. The MessageXchange EDI Gateway service allows you to communicate with suppliers, customers and warehouse and logistics groups all from your ERP system.

Comply with industry standards

MessageXchange is proud to be an Alliance Partner of GS1 Australia. We stay up-to-date with the introduction of new standards to enable your business to comply with all relevant criteria, no matter what your industry or the industries you trade with. We are experts with industry standard file formats such as EDIFACT, X.12, XML, XBRL, iDOCS, flat files and many others and how our secure gateways convert these to the file formats required by your partners.



A MessageXchange eInvoicing Gateway allows you to conform to Australia’s eInvoicing standards. Exchange electronic invoices with anyone using the eInvoicing network directly to or from your ERP or accounting package.

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Single Touch Payroll (STP)

A MessageXchange Single Touch Payroll (STP) Gateway enables you to securely send employee salary, PAYG, superannuation information and more to the ATO directly from your existing software.

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How do we work?

We get to know your business

Your organisation, requirements, goals, deliverables and those you want to connect with.

We scope your project

Decide on the best product, quote on implementation, development time as well as upfront and ongoing costs.

Sign off

Agree on the contract and kick off the project.

Development begins

Our team start on development.


We collaborate to test the solution developed.

Go live!

Your solution goes into production and we begin and continue to monitor your gateway.

Technical information

View the standards, protocols and file types supported by MessageXchange, gateway security and more.

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How to build a business case

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