Our approach is tailored for your business

Our community onboarding service is flexible and tailored to suit your needs, as well as those of your business community. Whether it be developing an onboarding strategy, a communications plan for you to deliver, or having us roll out the communications on your behalf, our approach is built around your circumstances.

Solutions for business of all shapes and sizes

No matter your the size of your business, or those of your partners, we can work with you to develop an onboarding plan.

We’re aware that your business partners have varying levels of knowledge when it comes to integration. We’ve worked in the past to educate suppliers and offer various platforms to use; from complete B2B integration to a webform solution for those smaller businesses.

Get the best return on your investment

Get the most out of your integration by utilising our onboarding expertise. Our consultants learn about your goals and objectives, your business and your trading partners. We work with you to develop a roll-out plan and can even help with the roll-out.

A half-implemented solution is nearly worse than no EDI, so have the peace of mind that our experienced consultants can help you in the right direction.

Proven onboarding experience

Having more than 15 years’ experience in this area, we know how to get your business community on board with minimal disruption. We’ve worked with businesses small and large, across industries and with different reasons for integration, to onboard their communities.

An effective community onboarding program allows your company to get the best return on your investment.

Need to onboard your community?

Read our whitepaper, ’10 steps to successful community onboarding’.

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