Automate testing suppliers’ EDI messages

Message compliance testing

Our message compliance testing (MCT) solution lets you onboard and manage suppliers as they test their EDI files automatically before their move to production. The testing solution supports any message format from EDIFACT to XML and more. The solution checks for:

  • the right syntax
  • the right data and
  • the right business rules.

It’s all done automatically so your team don’t need to spend time handholding.

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Free EDI webforms


We came up with Colladium so you can easily onboard 100% of your network to EDI. Invite others onto the service to exchange orders, despatch advices, invoices and more. And it’s all free!

The messages, fields and business rules can all be tailored to your business, so you get the information you need in the way that need it.

Colladium is just another connection to your gateway, so there’s no additional testing for every new trading partner. Simply send the invitation and start trading.

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