Full service EDI

We do the heavy lifting, not you

We pride ourselves on providing a full service EDI offering. We can help you get connected quickly and easily by hosting an sFTP folder, providing an API or accommodating another type of connectivity.

Our team can handle the mapping too, from your file format to a standard (EDIFACT, XML and more) or bespoke format. We maintain all of the software, backups, redundancy and security, so you can focus on more important things.

Powerful business process management

Make sure you get the data you need, in the format you need

Our flexible gateways allow you to add powerful business processes and validations so you can get the most efficiency out of it. Add rules to lookup and add data, validate invoice pricing against the order, or trigger orders to be sent to your 3PL as they come in. Our service can even trigger notifications to be sent when an event occurs.

Insightful reports

Analytics you need at your fingertips

Our gateways have the ability to add standard and custom reports based on any data going through your gateway. Track data such as supplier fulfilment rates, deliveries in full on time (DIFOT), response time and more.

Get up and running quickly

Less coding, more configuring

We know that the longer you wait for your gateway, the longer you don’t see the efficiencies. Our gateways are configured, rather than coded, so we can get you up and running quickly.

For modern businesses

Designed with you in mind

Our EDI gateways are feature-rich and designed for the modern business. Exchange any type of order from drop-ship orders to cross dock, direct-to-store and more. Exchange product data and other types of EDI messages like real-time updates on shipments. It’s only limited by your imagination.

Maximum security for peace of mind

Rest easy knowing your data is secure

We take security seriously at MessageXchange.

With an ISO 27001 accreditation in information security management, our processes are designed to protect and maintain the privacy of your data. Our customers include organisations in the finance and government sectors, which required some of the most demanding security controls. As a result, all MessageXchange customers benefit from our expertise and reap the benefits of a robust and dependable platform.

Cloud-based gateways

Reap the benefits of the cloud

With our EDI cloud-based gateways, you get the benefit of optimum service levels for availability, security and performance. Our solution connects to your existing systems so that you don’t have to change your existing infrastructure.

We’re Australian-based

Speak to a local every time

Our team is all based in Australia and are at hand to help when you need it. We provide free consultations to discuss how our gateways can work for your business, and our support team is just a phone call away once you’re up and running.

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