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Your trusted partner for corporate-to-bank integration

It can be difficult to offer a one-size-fits-all solution to corporates. Your MessageXchange Gateway eliminates the complexity of managing multiple connections between individual banks and ERP systems, on premise or in the cloud. Our service supports native ERP payment file formats, including ISO20022, ABA, and other bespoke formats, ensuring compatibility and ease of use.

Plus, our bank-level security measures, which include robust encryption at rest and during transit, Auth2, mutual TLS, PGP encryption and more, provide the utmost data protection and security protocols for your transactions and ease of mind. Say goodbye to managing connections with banks or customers and let us take care of the complexity for you.


Your trusted partner for ISO 20022 migration

ISO20022 is revolutionising payments and is now being used across industry – between companies and banks, payment and business networks and more. The additional data available from business networks and their transactions that can now be associated with payments is making the process of making payments easier than ever.

MessageXchange supports the transition to native handling of ISO 20022. It smoothly mediates between your existing protocols, APIs and payment file formats and ISO20022, ensuring a seamless and efficient integration process. While banks have the challenge of migrating their mature legacy systems, there’s no work that needs to be done on your side – MessageXchange can use your existing interfaces and formats.

Your MessageXchange gateway can securely map and translate your bank’s existing setup to the ISO20022 format. Plus, you’ll have visibility of the whole transaction, including full audit logs, traceability, statuses and more.


Integration with the SWIFT network

MessageXchange provides a streamlined solution to help companies easily integrate with and transition from SWIFT’s MT file formats to ISO20022. Our business process management layer has the unique capability to monitor and manage message conversations and data handling according to your specific business rules, allowing you to take full advantage of everything ISO20022 has to offer.


What make us different

Cloud native integration for payments and custodian services

Proven and trusted payment service provider

Australian-based and hosted

Configurable, no-code solution for ease of onboarding

Proven track record over 20 years in B2B integration across industry from banking and finance to government, retail, superannuation, payroll and the supply chain

Leading banking, enterprise and government customers

ISO 27001 certified.


We take security seriously

ISO27001 certified

We only use secure messaging protocols

We support advanced secure messaging, such as Auth2/MTLS API, PGP with encryption and signature over SFTP

We use encryption at rest and in transit

We maintain full audit logs and have ability to automatically provision audit logs to clients’ monitoring systems

We offer full redundancy and high availability.

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