Gain visibility into your supply chain and automate processes

Your EDI Gateway will provide transparency throughout the supply chain so you can track, in real-time, where your goods are at every stage of the journey. Your staff will be able to monitor the exact movements of your products electronically, allowing your business to plan effectively and run smoothly. You can make this information visible to your customers automatically, saving you time, money and improving your service offering.

The data that is automatically entered into your ERP allows you to report on, analyse and automate your business processes, streamlining your organisation.

The MessageXchange cloud B2B integration service is suitable for companies, small to large. It’s appropriate for transporting goods using any mode; road, sea or air.

Exchange all sorts of information with all of your trading partners

Having a MessageXchange EDI Gateway not only allows you to share information such as bookings and tracking information but you can also send and receive orders, invoices and other information.

As well as trading downstream, you can use the same connection to trade upstream with suppliers to order everything from office stationery to new vehicles.

Comply with industry standards

MessageXchange is proud to be an Alliance Partner of GS1 Australia. We stay up-to-date with the introduction of new standards to enable your business to comply with all relevant criteria, no matter what your industry or the industries you trade with. We are experts with industry standard file formats such as EDIFACT, X12, XML, XBRL, iDOCS, flat files and many others and how our secure gateways convert these to the file formats required by your partners.

GS1 Transport Standards Certified EDI software

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A MessageXchange eInvoicing Gateway allows you to conform to Australia’s eInvoicing standards. Exchange electronic invoices with anyone using the eInvoicing network directly to or from your ERP or accounting package.

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Colladium Gateway

A Colladium Gateway links your business application to Colladium, the free, unique cloud B2B platform for collaboration and trade.

Send forms from SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards or another business application to your trading partners on Colladium. Documents can be turned around in Colladium and be pushed back into your ERP. Remove the need for data re-entry, streamline your business and save money with a Colladium Gateway.

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How to build a business case for electronic data interchange (EDI)

Calculate the benefits of EDI

Read this whitepaper to find out how to calculate the benefit EDI can have on your business.

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Technical information

View the standards, protocols and file types supported by MessageXchange, gateway security and more.

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