The benefits

Why should you use eInvoicing?

  • Compliance
    Some companies currently mandate their partners to send and/or receive eInvoices, using our solutions ensures compliance to your customers needs.
  • Less effort for your finance team
    Accounts payable invoice information lands directly into your software. No need to print, scan, store documents, validate invoice details, or manually key in data to your software.
  • Secure and accurate
    Reduce the risk of lost, incorrectly delivered or fraudulent invoices. Less manual data entry means fewer errors, late or incorrect payments.
  • Save time and money
    Save time and money through faster processing. Your suppliers gain improved cash flow, and your finance team can refocus their energy on growing your business.

How does it work?

Use our existing integration with TechnologyOne Ci Anywhere for quick and easy eInvoicing setup. Our eInvoicing Connect product allows you to start exchanging eInvoices in no time. And for businesses that require more sophisticated automation rules for invoice management, our eInvoicing Gateway allows all this and more.



eInvoicing connect

eInvoicing made easy

eInvoicing Connect is our simplest product for you to get up and running with eInvoicing quickly, easily and with minimal investment.

With existing integrations with TechnologyOne CiAnywhere, and the ability to exchange standard formats, get connected in days then start sending and receiving Peppol eInvoices.

eInvoicing Gateway

eInvoicing your way

A MessageXchange eInvoicing Gateway gives you full flexibility on how to implement eInvoicing. We connect directly to Technology One’s API and can exchange the Peppol UBL file with your business network. Our eInvoicing Gateways allow you to incorporate your workflows, add more customisations and business rules to tailor
eInvoicing to your business needs.

Plus, take advantage of the full MessageXchange functionality, including our business process management engine to cater for your business’ requirements, customised reporting, notifications, access to your Gateway to view, re-process and download messages and more.

Why use MessageXchange?

Seamless integration with TechnologyOne Ci Anywhere

We’ve developed the integration with TechnologyOne’s cloud service, which means you get up and running quickly, easily and affordably.


Over 20 years’ experience in eInvoicing and EDI, providing automation services for some of Australia’s largest companies.


Local support, account management and technical teams.


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