Integration, mapping and testing

Our expert MessageXchange integration team have experience spanning thousands of B2B gateway implementations and have accumula
ted knowledge of file formats, messaging standards and IT systems used by organisations across a wide spectrum of industries. Our integration, mapping and testing services are structured and rigorously tested to meet the highest standards.

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MessageXchange offers all clients 24/7 online access to gateway tenancies, enabling users to monitor and manage message activity. You will be able to view, evaluate and confirm messages, as well as respond to incidents, by re-sending or re-processing messages, at any time.

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MessageXchange provides training tailored to your organisation and B2B gateway.

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Assurance and certification

Many businesses now require their partners to trade electronically with them. MessageXchange can assist you in becoming certified by your business partners, no matter your budget. We ensure your gateway connection uses the industry standard and matches the requirements of your partners.

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MIG writing

A message implementation guide, also known as a MIG, outlines the requirements needed to trade electronically with a business. The guide outlines what messages can be sent (i.e. the type), what’s in each message (i.e. the structure), what information is contained within the message (i.e. the data), what fields are mandatory and which are optional, the format needed and more.

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Community onboarding

One of the biggest challenges for any company wanting to use automated B2B message exchange with their business partners is achieving compliance. We have considerable experience in working for and with business communities across industry and in achieving 100% B2B integration.

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