What is e-invoicing?

It exchanges invoices from software-to-software

Peppol e-invoicing enables organisations to send and receive invoices electronically, directly from the supplier’s accounting software, to that of the customer. It removes the need for unnecessary data entry.

Think of it like a phone network. It just works.

E-invoicing happens through a four-corner model, where corners one and four are the supplier and customer, and corners two and three are Access Points. Access Points connect to each other to exchange e-invoices. You can think of it like a telephone network – your phone and your friend’s phone are corners one and four, and your network provider (like Telstra, Optus or Vodafone) are corners two and three.

It’s an easy way to comply with fast payment policies

The average time to process an e-invoice is just days – a fraction of the time it takes to process a regular invoice. It’ an easy way to comply with payment policies, meet your goals and foster good relationships with suppliers.

Why use e-invoicing?


Receive invoices seconds after they’re sent, so you can pay suppliers on time

With the Government’s promise to pay e-invoices in five days, now’s the time to move to e-invoicing. Receive invoices directly to your software once your supplier sends it. It appears in your software, after going through an automation or matching process if you require it, so it can be paid on time.


Automate your accounts payable process

Our business process management engine can be setup to perform checks and matches along the way to verify the validity and approval of invoices. Setup processes to check the corresponding purchase order, the supplier, match the invoice amount and more.


Say goodbye to data entry errors

With e-invoicing, you’ll never have to enter an accounts payable invoice again. Suppliers enter the invoice into their own software and it almost magically appears in your software without another human touching it.

Why choose MessageXchange for e-invoicing?


Flexible integration solutions

Our technology can take care of the complexity for you. We can build in mapping, business rules and validations, workflows and more so you can get up and running quickly and easily.


Free solutions for suppliers

One of the biggest challenges can be onboarding suppliers. That’s why we offer Colladium, a free web portal for businesses to send and receive e-invoices. Plus, our experts have experience in large-scale onboarding projects and know the tactics to use to get the best uptake.


Get full visibility

Unlike many others, we can exchange business responses, so you can be notified if your invoice is being reviewed, has been paid and more. Plus, if anything goes wrong along the way, we’ve got built-in alerts to keep you informed.


We’re a trusted provider

We proudly call some of the biggest brands in Australia our customers (just check out our case studies). They choose us for our professionalism, our high security standards and our wide range of solutions.

Case Study

The focus for NZIR was to pay invoices early to help suppliers’ cash flow and to give them a seamless experience… [Their] e-invoicing solution went live in less than four weeks from partnering with MessageXchange.

Read the New Zealand Inland Revenue case study


E-invoicing Connect

E-invoicing Gateway













Other connectivity protocols


File format

Peppol XML


MessageXchange XML


MessageXchange CSV






Other file formats



By email


A message to an sFTP folder


Added automation

Business process management


Business intelligence


Gateway access

Gateway self-support login


Onboarding trading partners

Your trading partners have free use of Colladium to send/receive e-invoices


1 API for E-invoicing Connect is available for suppliers only. MessageXchange will provide our API specifications to use.


We’ve integrated with a range of software, from SAP to Oracle, Technology One, Microsoft Dynamics, Netsuite, Pronto, MYOB, Xero and more. We can connect to any software, in the cloud or on-premise, as long as it has the ability to export and import data.

Our process is pretty straight-forward. Plus, if you have specific needs, we can always work around that. Generally, this is how it goes:

  1. We’ll discuss your objectives, your current process and invoicing setup
  2. We’ll propose a solution that fits your business and timeline
  3. When you’re happy to go ahead, just sign the paperwork
  4. We’ll configure your solution
  5. You can test everything from the connectivity, to the mapping and the whole process from end-to-end
  6. You’re ready to go live!

For departments looking to be the Access Point for other agencies, we can host your own Access Point instance where you can manage everything from connectivity to onboarding, mapping, monitoring, support and more. Just get in touch with us to find out more.

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