What EDI messages are best to achieve my business objectives?

There are a few things businesses need to think about when implementing EDI. One of the key ones is your business objectives – why you’ve chosen to use EDI in the first place. This will dictate how you go about your planning and implementation. Your business objectives will also determine what messages you exchange with [...]

Getting EDI ready for peak season

Peak times can be chaotic for retailers. Christmas alone can account for almost 15% of all eCommerce transactions in a year. In 2019, sales during the Christmas period in Australia were forecasted to reach $52.7 billion. Managing an inefficient supply chain can be overwhelming at this time. Some of the main issues that businesses face [...]

Why finance needs to become friends with technology

Finance teams constantly find themselves battling things like: a need to reduce costs greater workload with the same amount of staff manual processes, which often lead to errors and disparate sources of data, making it hard to find information when they need it. The good news is that technology can improve these issues. And that’s [...]

How to onboard suppliers to EDI: The key to maximising ROI

In tough times, like now for a lot of businesses, we scramble to find cost savings. We search for the lowest hanging fruit. Easy wins. The things that’ll give us the best bang for our buck. One thing to look at is automating your procure to pay processes. This is where electronic data interchange (EDI) [...]

3 reports retailers need

A real benefit that’s often forgotten when it comes to electronic data interchange (EDI) is improved reporting. We all know that EDI reduces the amount of data entry errors, but not as many people leverage that data for reporting. EDI allows you to get accurate insights to make informed, data-driven business decisions. From tracking the [...]

Two-, three- and four-way matching: Made easier with EDI

Paying invoices can be a time-consuming task, especially for retailers who pay tens of thousands of invoices a month. Before payments are made, they need to check the goods have been received and the price and quantities on the invoice are accurate. The last thing they want is to be paying for things they shouldn’t [...]

Why are retailers moving to drop shipping and EDI?

Increased pressure for high margins has made more retailers look to alternative business models. One of these is drop-shipping. Retailers are moving away from just physical stores and warehouses to drop shipping. This is often coupled with e-commerce stores. As retailers adopt drop-shipping, they’re also starting to look at ways to make fulfilment fast and [...]

Portal to integration: Why switch?

Suppliers have two main ways to comply with their retailers’ EDI requirements: EDI webforms (web portal-based EDI) or integrated EDI. Portal or web-based EDI is often the go-to choice for suppliers just starting out. EDI web portals They’re usually easy to setup and simply use a web browser to send messages to your retailers. The [...]
Things to know about STP

Key to onboarding: Message Compliance Testing (MCT)

Onboarding your suppliers to EDI is an exciting time, but it can be challenging, particularly when it comes to EDI message testing. If you’ve undertaken an onboarding exercise before, you’ll know that suppliers rarely get it right the first time around. Testing EDI messages often involves lots of effort from your team to process messages [...]

The benefits of EDI: an infographic

Electronic data interchange, or EDI, is widely adopted around the world by companies looking to gain efficiencies, visibility and cost savings. But if you’re new to the concept, it can seem overwhelming. Simply put, EDI (electronic data interchange) is the exchange of business information directly between business software. Think of a purchase order being created [...]