Benefits of e-invoicing for software providers: An infographic

E-invoicing automates the sending and receiving of invoices directly between businesses' software. Countries in Europe and South America were among the first to mandate e-invoicing and others around the world are starting to follow after seeing the benefits. In Australia and New Zealand, more and more government agencies and their suppliers are connecting to the [...]

4 things to think about when choosing an e-invoicing Access Point

Businesses around the world are recognising the benefits the Peppol e-invoicing network. Some of the benefits are: easier invoice processing cost savings faster invoice payments fewer errors exchanging invoices directly to and from software security it’s 60–80% more efficient than paper-based processing. If you’ve decided e-invoicing is right for you, the next step is choosing [...]

E-invoicing Access Points: Building your own vs outsourcing it

Access Points are vital to e-invoicing. But why are they so important? As part of the four-corner model, Access Points send and receive trade documents between two parties. Organisations who want to connect to the Peppol e-invoicing network need an Access Point. Access Points go through a certification process set by the Peppol framework. It [...]