Electronic data interchange (EDI)


The Good Guys

Before migrating to a new ERP system, The Good Guys came to us to implement an EDI solution to connect with their suppliers.

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Target approached us looking for a cloud solution that was scalable, configurable, secure and would streamline their processes. We connected their ERP system with their trading partners around the world.

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With large projects on the horizon, SunRice decided to outsource its translation services, previously handled by middleware to MessageXchange. Find out about their journey and the results they saw.

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Valvoline had been using electronic data interchange (EDI) for some time when one of its key retail customers advised it had new message requirements. Complying with these requirements using their existing EDI solution was likely to cost a significant amount of time and effort for Valvoline’s IT team.

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Prior to implementing a digital procurement process, Freedom sent orders to suppliers by fax or email and suppliers would respond with calls, emails or faxes, which Freedom would use to update its systems manually.

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With more and more suppliers choosing EDI to trade with Woolworths electronically, onboarding suppliers to EDI with the existing resources and ensuring suppliers’ EDI documents are built as per the MIGs presented a challenge to Woolworths’ eBusiness team. Woolworths partnered with GS1 Australia, MessageXchange and Colladium to develop an electronic EDI certification and self-testing service (EDI Certify).

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New Zealand Inland Revenue (NZIR)

After the New Zealand and Australian governments reached an agreement on a common trans-Tasman eInvoicing approach, NZIR became the first government agency to begin the journey to enable eInvoicing. Their focus was to pay invoices early to help suppliers’ cash flow and to give them a seamless experience.

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New South Wales Department of Customer Service

Once the NSW Government introduced its policy for faster payments, which included a five days payment terms for SME suppliers, the Department of Customer Service (DCS) decided to get its wheels in motion, taking a leadership role in eInvoicing in Australia.

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Australian Taxation Office (ATO)

As the Peppol authority, and the lead federal agency for driving adoption among all Commonwealth agencies, the ATO sought to be an early adopter of eInvoicing, leading the way by example. The ATO took a staged approach to implementing eInvoicing, allowing them to exchange eInvoices as soon as possible. Read this case study to find out about their journey.

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Single Touch Payroll (STP)


Payroll Metrics

Payroll Metrics approached MessageXchange to help them integrate STP into their software for their customers to pay tens of thousands of employees. Have a look at this case study to find out about their journey and what they achieved.

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