eInvoicing automates the exchange of invoices directly between businesses’ software and its use is growing across the globe as a result of the benefits it brings. Australia and New Zealand have joined forces to to make trans-tasman eInvoicing easier using the internationally-adopted Peppol eInvoicing framework. Any business within this network can now send and receive invoices straight from their accounting software to their customer’s software. No more emails, no more PDFs and no more manual data entry. If you’re new to eInvoicing, check out our blog, traditional invoicing and eInvoicing: a comparison.

Here are just some of the reasons businesses are turning to eInvoicing.

For buyers

A major benefit for those receiving eInvoices comes from the fact you’ll no longer have to manually enter an invoice again. Think of the time savings and the mis-keying errors that’d disappear. Here are some stats:

For suppliers

A major benefit of eInvoicing is the speed of it. It can ultimately lead to faster payments, which means better cash flow for you. Let’s have a look:


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