Target EDI

Easily automate procurement with Target using EDI through MessageXchange

Get compliant with Target EDI requirements using a solution that fits your business.

Using our Target EDI webforms, you can easily:

  • Comply with Target Australia’s EDI requirements
  • Create and print SSCC labels on compatible laser printers
  • Add other trading partners from just $20 a month

Click here to find out how to register and use EDI webforms.

With our fully integrated EDI solution, you can:

  • Comply with Target EDI requirements
  • Never manually enter another order again
  • Remove data entry errors
  • Spend more time on important tasks
  • Set up automated business processes and notifications
  • Add other trading partners with ease

Exchange these EDI-compliant documents with Target Australia:

  • Purchase order (PO)
  • Advanced shipment notice (ASN)
  • Recipient created tax invoice (RCTI)
  • Product activity data (PAD data)

Start using our webform solution today

Starting from $99 per month, use our web portal to receive orders from Target Australia then send back EDI-compliant ASNs (and print SSCC labels for your goods) and invoices.

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