Move to EDI with The Good Guys to remove data entry and streamline your processes

Comply with The Good Guys’ EDI requirements through their trusted EDI provider, MessageXchange.

Use EDI webforms with The Good Guys for FREE on Colladium

  • Comply with The Good Guys EDI requirements
  • It’s free to join and trade

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Need to send SSCC labels? Our The Good Guys EDI webforms allow you to:

  • Comply with The Good Guys EDI requirements
  • Create and print SSCC labels on a compatible laser printer
  • Add other trading partners like Myer, David Jones and more from just $49 a month

With our fully integrated EDI solution, you can:

  • Comply with The Good Guys EDI requirements
  • Automate the exchange of procurement messages
  • With no more manual handling, say goodbye data entry errors
  • Spend more time on important tasks
  • Set up automated business processes and notifications
  • Add other trading partners with ease

Exchange these messages with The Good Guys:

  • Purchase order (PO)
  • Purchase order response (POR)
  • Advanced shipment notice (ASN)
  • Tax invoice
  • Price/sales catalogue (PRICAT)

View The Good Guys’ MIGs

Easily add other partners to your trading network

Australian support

Australian-based support when you need it

Our Support team are based in our Melbourne office and are available to help with onboarding or troubleshooting.

Start using our webform solution today

Starting from $99 a month, our web portal enables you to receive orders from The Good Guys and send back EDI-compliant PORs, ASNs and invoices.

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