EDI often is seen as just the requirement retailers’ pass onto you as a supplier, but it can be so much more. By leveraging EDI to its full potential, suppliers can improve operations, enhance collaboration, and gain a competitive edge in today’s dynamic marketplace. Here’s how you can take EDI further than just compliance.

Get updates from your supply chain

Data enables more proactive decision-making, and ultimately improves customer satisfaction. Using certain EDI message types can give more visibility into your supply chain. Want to know if a supplier can fulfill an order? You can use purchase order responses (PORs) to get suppliers to tell you if they can complete an order. Suppliers can also let you know when an order is coming your way and what is being sent, using an advanced shipping notice (ASNs).

Streamlined order processing through automation

Suppliers can integrate their EDI systems with their internal order processing systems. This integration eliminates manual data entry, reduces errors, and speeds up order fulfillment. Automatic order processing enhances efficiency, reduces administrative costs, and enables suppliers to meet customer demands with greater agility. EDI can even help streamline and automate logistics processes, such as:

  • receiving and stocking goods
  • managing inventory
  • managing of warehouse movements
  • expediting shipments
  • processing refunds
  • repackaging processes (co-packing).

Greater data for reporting and performance monitoring

By harnessing the power of EDI data, suppliers can unlock valuable insights into their business operations. Suppliers can identify patterns, trends, and opportunities. This data helps suppliers to make informed decisions about market trends and more driving competitive advantage.

Scalability and growth

Our EDI gateways are highly scalable, allowing you to accommodate the growing demands of your business. Without EDI, as your orders go up so does your manual processing and costs. But this isn’t the case with the automation of EDI.

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