Efficient supply chain management has become a fundamental seasoning for business success and performance.

Diners are increasingly influenced by tendencies. The proliferation of online information is driving and shaping consumer habits in unprecedented ways and with this, the awakening of their desire to know the whole story about the food served at their tables. Behind the scenes, this trend has increased the complexity in logistics and supply chain maneuvers, challenging businesses within the Foodservice Industry.

It is not surprising that businesses are becoming more focused on improving their supply chain operations; an area that has been overlooked for far too long.

Supply chain is the network of organisations, linked together from the upstream raw commodities suppliers to the downstream of final products or services, and the end consumer. For this reason, supply chain can be seen as an equation: the sum of all existing relationships that are involved in building a business ecosystem. A successful supply chain will produce value in meeting the customers’ expectations.

Therefore, engaging and connecting every stage of these links, presents its own opportunity to develop a stronger supply chain management and enhance business operations.

However, as supply chain management is diffusing within the corporate world, in order to remain competitive, small businesses might be wondering how can they achieve an efficient supply chain management.

Fortunately, as technology evolved over the past decade, businesses today have the privilege of engaging and connecting its business ecosystem at its desire pace, and most importantly, doing so at a cost-effective manner.

MessageXchange is a cloud B2B Integration and Collaboration service. It provides a solution for businesses seeking to connect and improve its supply chain efficiency, attaining an end-to-end visibility and traceability of its processes and activities.

Business will be able to obtain:

  • Better investment. Improve efficiency with no CAPEX
  • Better integration. Automate, map, log and track complex or long running supply chain messages of all data sources (EDI, GPS, EFID and XML)
  • Better visibility. Achieve additional insights and visibility via customized reports

The efficiency of supply chain can vastly determine the success and performance of a business. A successful supply chain will assist companies in improving their business operations and meeting its customer’s expectations. Customer satisfaction has powerful effects on the business bottom-line profitability.

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