eInvoicing is kicking into gear with small business. Many of the key benefits of eInvoicing positively impact small business, particularly faster payment times. The government is adding funding to increase adoption of eInvoicing to small business. Here are some of the initiatives planned by the government to increase adoption and what options you have to get started with eInvoicing.

Fighting digital scams

Small businesses are among the potential beneficiaries of a $67.5 million funding package to help fight digital scams. The funding would be used to implement measures and technology to reduce digital scams. One of the key technologies to fight scams is eInvoicing. The eInvoicing network reduces scams by registering all users in the network making it difficult for scam users to get through.

Increasing funding to reduce payment times

The average payment term for Australia’s small businesses is currently 35.8 days. Government sees long payment terms as a pressing issue for SMEs. As part of their budget announcement, there will be $25.3 million invested to improve payment times to small businesses. Some of this funding is to support the Payment Times Reporting Regulator to implement reforms recommended by a statutory review that will help small businesses improve payment times.

Funding for ATO to use towards the eInvoicing network

$23.3 million to increase eInvoicing adoption. Government is securing more large business champions who will actively promote and onboard business partners to eInvoicing in their supply chains. As larger businesses jump onboard they will be looking to onboard their suppliers both big and small. In addition to this, some of the funding will be used to create the following initiatives in increasing eInvoicing adoption including:

  • Treasury will continue to explore policy that could increase economy-wide adoption of the technology.
  • Working with industry to resolve implementation issues and irritants.
  • Working with DSPs to explore further opportunities to proactively register customers onto the eInvoicing network.

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