Changing processes can be hard for any business, especially small and micro ones. And with more and more businesses embracing eInvoicing, the pressure to join them is growing quickly.
Here are a few reasons to get eInvoicing working for you:

  • Your larger business partners are starting to expect it
  • To take advantage of government incentives
  • You’ll get paid faster
  • You’ll be ready for a possible eInvoicing mandate.

The best place to start is to work out if your existing software can handle eInvoicing. Talk to your software provider to see what their eInvoicing options are.

Your best options and how to set them up

The web portal solution

eInvoicing web portals allow quick, easy eInvoicing, you just need web access and a browser. With the simple interface you can create and email eInvoices for free with our partner, Colladium.


  • no need for additional software
  • sending and receiving is free
  • receive eInvoice responses
  • easy set up.

How to get started with Colladium

  1. join Colladium enable eInvoicing when you sign up
  2. create and send an eInvoice. You’ll be notified if there’s a customer response or status update.
  3. start receiving eInvoices.

The plug and play solution

Some eInvoicing access points have plug and play integrations with major software providers so you can use your software to send and receive eInvoices. MessageXchange offers this for MYOB AccountRight (the web version) and the New Essentials.


  • integration in minutes
  • Use existing software
  • If your customer provides them, you get alerts when your invoice is being reviewed, paid and more.

Getting started with MYOB eInvoicing through MessageXchange

  1. Connect with your MYOB account and sign up to eInvoicing through MessageXchange
  2. Raise an invoice. You’ll be notified if you get a response back
  3. Login to see your balance, to top up and more

Learn more about our plug and play MYOB eInvoicing solution.

eInvoicing Connect with MessageXchange

We make enabling eInvoicing easy, even with sophisticated software like TechOne Ci Anywhere.


  • Quick to implement
  • Low cost
  • Uses your existing software
  • If your customer provides them, you get alerts when your invoice is being reviewed, paid and more.

How to get started with eInvoicing connect

  1. Complete this form
  2. Our team will be in touch to complete your setup
  3. Start sending and receiving eInvoices! Too easy…

To sum up…

  • There are lots eInvoicing options for small and micro businesses.
  • eInvoicing doesn’t have to be complicated or impact your existing processes.

Talk to our team about getting started with eInvoicing.

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