What is electronic data interchange (EDI)?

Simply put, EDI (electronic data interchange) is the exchange of business information directly between business software. Think of a purchase order being created in one company’s accounting package, and it ‘magically’ appears in the supplier’s software; no email, no PDF, no manual data entry. Well, it’s not magic, it’s EDI!

To best understand how simple and efficient EDI is compared to a paper-based procurement process, let’s look at a simple scenario below:

Paper-based procurement

Buyer manually enters the purchase order in their software Buyer sends order to supplier via email Supplier manually enters the purchase order in their software Supplier manually enters the invoice in their software Supplier sends invoice to buyer via email Buyer manually enters the invoice in their software

EDI procurement

Buyer enters the purchase order in their
Purchase order appears in Supplier’s software Supplier enters the invoice in their software Invoice appears in Buyer’s software

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EDI webforms

Exchange EDI messages from an easy-to-use web portal

Fully comply with over 20 retailers’ EDI requirements

Generate SSCC labels that can be printed on an office printer

Receive email notifications when a new order arrives

Have traceability and history of orders

EDI gateway

Exchange EDI messages directly from your software

Comply with your customers’ EDI requirements, or onboard your suppliers to electronic trade

Remove double handling

Add your own business process management and validation

Generate custom reports

EDI for suppliers

Comply with your customers’ trading requirements quickly and easily. Our expert team are on hand to help you through the process.

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EDI for retailers

An EDI service designed for the modern retailer. Flexible solutions and tools to onboard your entire supply chain.

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EDI for 3PLs

Automate the ordering and movement of stock between you, your customers and theirs. Our solutions are flexible to suit all types of supply chains.

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