Right now, a lot of software providers are holding back on enabling e-invoicing due to low demand. However, an e-invoicing mandate would completely change this in 3 ways.

1. Demand for e-invoicing enabled software will explode

If there’s a mandate, businesses will be scrambling for e-invoicing solutions. And while existing customers will want to use their current software, businesses without a financial software will want one ASAP.

2. Welcome to your new revenue stream

You could offer e-invoicing as a premium feature for existing customers or as a standalone product for businesses. Lots of options.

3. Your competitive advantage is waiting

Software that allows e-invoicing will be a differentiator. Xero and MYOB are currently offering e-invoicing to their customers.

MessageXchange offers two solutions to help you integrate e-invoicing

E-invoicing Gateway

  1. Choose your protocol and file format and we’ll connect you.
  2. We translate your file into the Peppol e-invoice file format.
  3. When you or a customer sends or receives an e-invoice, we’ll facilitate it through the Peppol network.
  4. We can help you provide additional services for your customers, including:
    • Reporting
      To allow your customers to get more insights from the e-invoices they receive or even to track the number of e-invoices exchanged.
    • Business process management
      To allow you customers to add additional checks on e-invoices they receive like dates being in the future or having a PO number on the e-invoice and build escalation processes around them.
    • And more.
  5. There are minimal changes needed on your side.

E-invoicing Connect

Our E-invoicing Connect product makes it easy for your customers to get onboard to e-invoicing. We connect to your cloud-based software so your customers can subscribe to a low cost solution. Contact us to find out more.

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