20th of July 2021

MBIE recently completed the procurement process to secure an eInvoicing open syndicated agreement with a panel of access point providers for all of government to use.

MessageXchange has been accepted on to this panel.

The agreement covers the provision of eInvoicing capabilities and associated services, based on the global Peppol standard.

MBIE is the lead agency for the panel and the New Zealand PEPPOL Authority, with the responsibility of overseeing New Zealand’s eInvoicing framework and adoption.

eInvoicing is forecast to save New Zealand businesses billions of dollars in transactional costs each year.1

According to MBIE, its goal is to increase the adoption of eInvoicing and this open syndicated agreement will make it easy for government agencies to implement and use eInvoicing.2 This will help government agencies in New Zealand adopt eInvoicing to meet their requirement to pay 95 per cent of domestic invoices within 10 business days to approved providers that meet a standard approach for eInvoicing.

It will also help Central Government agencies achieve the target of being eInvoicing ‘receive’ capable by 31 March 2022.

Acceptance on the panel follows MessageXchange being certified by MBIE as a Peppol Access Point service provider for eInvoicing in 2019. As part of the panel, government agencies looking for an eInvoicing service can trust that MessageXchange has been approved by MBIE for use by the New Zealand Government.

John Delaney, managing director, MessageXchange, said, “Helping government agencies streamline eInvoicing and increase their uptake is an important step in encouraging all organisations to adopt the digital platform for invoices, which has many benefits including cost savings, faster invoice payments, less time and errors, and efficiencies through automation.

“MessageXchange has strong expertise in providing eInvoicing solutions for government agencies. Through acceptance on to this panel, government agencies in New Zealand now have the added assurance that MessageXchange has been approved by the MBIE. MessageXchange looks forward to helping government agencies become eInvoicing enabled quickly and easily with data security and integrity top of mind.”


About NSW Department of Customer Service

DCS was established July 1, 2019, with more than 30 agencies, entities and business units working across projects that affect millions of people, including: leading the bushfire relief efforts; work health and safety initiatives; consumer and business law reforms; and rebates that ease the cost of living.

DCS provides leadership in digital and innovation initiatives in government services, while delivering excellence in customer service and safe, secure markets.

About MessageXchange

MessageXchange is an innovative Australian-based cloud B2B integration service provider. Our solution can streamline business operations and provide visibility and business insights.

Founded in 1996, MessageXchange today processes more than 300 million messages each year for customers such as Target, Harvey Norman, Costco Australia, The Good Guys and Telstra.

MessageXchange is the first Peppol Access Point service provider to be certified by the Australian and New Zealand Peppol authorities, the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) respectively, for eInvoicing.

For more information, visit messagexchange.com.

Media contact

Ellen Tjahjana, media@messagexchange.com, +61 3 8622 0233

1 https://www.procurement.govt.nz/about-us/news/e-invoicing-the-faster-easier-more-secure-way-to-invoice/

2 https://www.gets.govt.nz/MBIE/ExternalTenderDetails.htm?id=23758851