MELBOURNE – 11th December, 2015 – MessageXchange ( is a cloud based platform for businesses that need to automatically exchange business transaction information with their partners, suppliers, and customers.

MessageXchange is the product of over 10 years of sustained Australian research and development, employing 27 people in Melbourne.

The MessageXchange cloud based service powers several of Australia’s largest supply chains, encompassing transactions from business that include Target, Harvey Norman, Computershare, Australia Post, The Good Guys, Reece, Telstra, and Costco. The service recently passed a major business milestone, achieving 100 million transactions per annum.

The innovative cloud platform has been developed and is operated by eVision, an Australian software developer that has pioneered cloud based B2B technologies since 1996. John Delaney, one of the founders and Managing Director of eVision commented, “It can take years to turn a great new idea into a thriving business. Innovation is something that every business leader should foster, so it is encouraging to see some new government initiatives to make that easier.”

Mr Delaney continued, “Australia has a lot of catching up to when it comes to commercialising technologies and turning technology ideas into products someone can actually buy. Startup businesses are not necessarily the best way to bring new technologies to market. However these new government initiatives, including making investment more attractive, are a step in the right direction.”

“As MessageXchange has grown, one of the key factors limiting our growth has been access to highly skilled programmers and technology specialists. The new initiatives to simplify visa requirements and encourage students into STEM based courses should make it easier for us to attract new employees. In the long run, this will make it easier for us to invest further in our Melbourne based R&D operations and bring new products to market sooner.”

Delivered via a cloud model, the MessageXchange platform makes it possible for businesses of any size to exchange information seamlessly. This makes it affordable for small businesses to interact in a highly efficient way with their suppliers and clients, as well as allowing large businesses with sophisticated business applications to automatically integrate information from their supply chain.

About MessageXchange

MessageXchange is an innovative Australian cloud platform developed by eVision, an Australian software developer that has pioneered cloud based B2B technologies since 1996. The MessageXchange cloud based service processes more than 100 million messages each year, encompassing transactions that underpin many significant businesses. Visit for more information.

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