Streamline your processes

Our gateways streamline your business processes; simply input the information as usual into your system, which will send data to your EDI Gateway on MessageXchange, where the data will be mapped into EDI and then on-sent via a secure protocol such as AS2, AS4, SFTP or other industry standard to the system of the recipient. Typically, at the recipient’s end, the EDI information would be mapped into the right format to enter the recipient’s system. Effectively, the systems are interoperating and exchanging messages to achieve automated trade.

  • Customised business processes built into your Gateway
  • Tailored reports you can drill into with just a click
  • Configurable platform to get you up and running quickly
  • Free tool to onboard easily
  • Australian-based support

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Exchange all types of information seamlessly

Your MessageXchange EDI Gateway can be used to send all the business information you would usually send by post or email. Exchange purchase information such as orders, despatch advices and invoices, share business information like forecasts or production schedules. Practically any information that is held by your software application can be exchanged.

Keep documents secure

Using an EDI Gateway eliminates the need for information to be printed and kept laying around. Our service is secure and follows the highest security standards. Our gateways are regularly tested both internally and by external auditing companies so you can rest assured your confidential business information will remain confidential.

Improve data accuracy

Before electronic data interchange (EDI) was introduced, documents could go through several rounds of being entered before ending up at its destination. With EDI, data only has to be input once, reducing the risk of data inaccuracy.

Save your business money

With a MessageXchange gateway, we do all the work for you. Hosting a gateway in your business could cost several times more than it would by using MessageXchange. With the our cloud service, you get the benefit of optimum service levels for availability, security and performance combined with elastic provisioning so you only pay for what you use.

Then there are the business benefits of automation that remove manual processing and costs, reduce errors while raising efficiencies.

Reap the benefits of cloud-based software-as-a-service

With our cloud-based service, you get the benefit of optimum service levels for availability, security and performance. Our solution connects to your existing systems so that you don’t have to change your existing infrastructure.

Move to EDI with all of your trading partners

We offer multiple solutions to suit the needs of our customers.

Are you a supplier seeking EDI compliance?

With a wide range of existing connections to major retailers, we can have you up and running with EDI quickly and easily. See some of the retailers you can connect to here.

Are you a retailer looking to onboard your supply chain?

We offer both fully integrated and webform solutions that you can extend out to your suppliers. Our webform solution, Colladium, makes it really simple for you to achieve 100% EDI uptake. Find out more here.

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