In the supply chain, efficiency can be the difference between success and failure. An efficient supply chain means:


Reduced costs

from time spent on manual processes and the issues that arise from them.


Improved visibility

of procurement, which puts you in a better position to have the right stock when your customers need it.


More time in your day

Take back that time you spent on manual handling. That means more time to spend on more productive activities.

This is where EDI helps

Simply put, EDI (electronic data interchange) is the exchange of business information directly between business software.

It can be customised to what you need whether it is compliance with EDI, creating a form just for one type of transaction with a partner, or you can integrate fully and streamline your whole supply chain.

Companies use EDI to:

  • send purchase orders directly to their supplier’s software
  • let their customers know whether an order has been accepted
  • let their customers know whether an order can be filled in full
  • learn when deliveries are despatched
  • and even how deliveries will be packaged.

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EDI for retailers

An EDI service designed for the modern retailer. Flexible solutions and tools to onboard your entire supply chain.

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EDI for 3PLs

Automate the ordering and movement of stock between you, your customers and theirs. Our solutions are flexible to suit all types of supply chains.

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