Before we get started…

Here are some definitions that might be useful:

Sending service provider (SSP)

(This is us, MessageXchange.)

“An entity (including sole trader), directly connected to the ATO, that only provides the technical service for one or multiple employers, registered agents or payroll software providers to deliver payroll reports to the ATO in the correct technical format or through a permitted technical channel.”

Single Touch Payroll, Payroll reporting: Business implementation guide (ATO)

Digital service provider (DSP)

(This is you, the payroll software provider.)

“Software or solution providers that produce digital systems that perform any function within any digital supply chain handling tax payer or superannuation data.”

The DSP Operational Framework implementation approach (ATO)


This stands for External Vendor Testing Environment. This is the ATO’s SBR2 test environment.

Product ID

A unique number, provided by the ATO, that identifies your software.




Build and test


Security questionnaire


Production verification test (PVT)


Whitelist for production


Go live!


1. Register

Review the ATO’s Business Implementation Guide (BIG)

The BIG outlines the business rules and scenarios for Single Touch Payroll. It will help you to understand the business context around the requirements. You can find the BIG on the ATO’s website.

Request your MessageXchange test credentials

Contact your MessageXchange Account Manager, who will send you your test credentials.

Request your software be whitelisted for Standard Business Reporting (SBR)

Visit at to register as a digital service provider (DSP). You will be assigned an ATO Account Manager, who will provide you a testing environment (EVTE) ProductID, conformance suite payloads and documentation.

2. Build and test

Develop the ATO SBR2 XML file

This is the PAYEVNT.0003 (2018) XML file. Alternatively, you can use MessageXchange’s CSV format, which we will convert to the required XML. Ask your MessageXchange Account Manager for the message implementation guide (MIG).

Let us know your EVTE (test) ProductID

We will include this in your test messages to the ATO.

Start testing

This will enable you test connectivity (sFTP or API) with MessageXchange, then perform end-to-end testing with the ATO’s EVTE environment using the ATO’s conformance suite payloads (a fixed ATO dataset).


3. Security questionnaire

Review the operational framework

Read over the ATO’s Operational Framework and ensure your business complies.

Complete the ATO’s security questionnaire

The questionnaire follows the Operational Framework requirements. Once completed, you can submit the questionnaire to your ATO Account Manager.

Complete the ISO27001 self-assessment

Please contact your MessageXchange Account Manager if you need help completing the questionnaire or the ISO27001 self-assessment.

4. Production verification test (PVT)

Certify your service

All payroll software providers (DSPs) are required to complete a Certify your service form to whitelist your service for the production environment.

The ATO will provide you with a new ProductID to conduct production verification testing (PVT) in the ATO’s production channel.

Begin production verification testing (PVT)

Submit your first STP message to the ATO.

  1. Notify with participating employer details
  2. The ATO will schedule support for PVT
  3. Lodge the production PAYEVNT for the participating employer
  4. The ATO will send back receipt of lodgement
  5. The ATO will verify assessment of lodgment
  6. You’ll receive acknowledgement of outcome from the ATO.

Once your testing is completed and approved by the ATO, your product will be certified and listed on the SBR Product Register for Single Touch Payroll.

Successfully complete production verification testing (PVT)

Now participating employers are transitioned to Single Touch Payroll!


5. Whitelist for production

Whitelist your software

Once your software has been approved for whitelisting, you and your clients will be able to start transacting production ATO digital services.

6. Go live!

You’re ready!

All the setup has been done. Now you’re ready to start moving real messages.


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