What is eInvoicing Connect?

eInvoicing Connect is our simplest product for you to get up and running with eInvoicing quickly, easily and with minimal investment.

With existing integrations with a range of software, get connected in days then start sending and receiving Peppol eInvoices.

We’ll check eInvoices against the AU/NZ schematron

This makes sure the data you get is in tip-top shape.

We’ll automatically send responses if invoices from suppliers fail

We’ll send a business response message back to the sender if it fails validation.

We’ll send you an email if your invoices fail

If you send an eInvoice and it fails, we’ll send you an email straight away so you can action it.

Send attachments with your eInvoices

Send time sheets, photos, plans, certificates and other attachments with your eInvoices.

Use it for free until the 30th of June 2022

Yep, free! There’s no catch. Then after that, it’s $50 per annum to subscribe to use our Access Point and $50 for 1,000 credits. Read more about billing here.

What software is supported?

We support the software below for our eInvoicing Connect product. If you use another software package, you can get a quote for an eInvoicing Gateway. We’re continuing to add more cloud software to our eInvoicing Connect product. So keep checking back!


AccountRight and New Essentials in the browser


Ci Anywhere


Your software if it can exchange the Peppol UBL or MessageXchange’s CSV or XML file format and it can use sFTP or AS2 to exchange files.

How much does it cost?

You can send and receive eInvoices for FREE until the 1st of August 2022!

Setup (including one hour of testing)
Not applicable for MYOB AccountRight or New Essentials users


Annual subscription to MessageXchange's eInvoicing Access Point

$50 $0

Credits (1 credit = 10mb of data)

$50 $0

Find out more about how billing works

TOTAL $800 $700


It’s free until the 30th of June 2022! Take the time to familiarise yourself with the product and eInvoicing in general. Then, if you’re not happy with it, just cancel.

After that, there are two components to eInvoicing billing:

1. Annual subscription to MessageXchange’s eInvoicing Access Point ($50)

This is a yearly subscription which allows you to access the eInvoicing service.

2. Credits ($50 for 1,000 credits)

Credits are charged at $50 for 1,000 credits. 1 credit is 10mb, or part thereof, of data.

For your reference, and this is a guide only:

  • an average eInvoice with one line item is about 5kb
  • an average eInvoice with two line items is about 6kb
  • an average eInvoice with ten line items is about 15kb

So here are some scenarios:

  • You send an eInvoice that’s 12kb. This will consume 2 credits.
  • You send an eInvoice that’s 15kb with an attachment that’s 7kb. This will consume 3 credits.
  • You receive an eInvoice that’s 9kb. This will consume 1 credit.
  • You receive an eInvoice that’s 12kb with an attachment that’s 8kb. This will consume 2 credits.
  1. Sign up to the service here
  2. We’ll get you setup
  3. If you’re not using one of the software packages named above, you might need to go through a bit of testing to make sure you’re able to connect to us properly and the file you’re producing is as expected
  4. We’ll let you know when you’re ready to start exchanging eInvoices
  5. You can send away!

Contact us and we can provide you with the message implementation guides (MIGs).

Yep! If your software has more complex requirements or if you need a more customised solution, our eInvoicing Gateway product is the one for you. Find out more here.

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