Compliance without changing your software

The MessageXchange service can take your software’s native file and map it to the XML format required for STP.

We cater for a range of transmission protocols between your software and our Gateways, and maintain a secure ebMS3 AS4 connection with the ATO. Click here for more information about our supported file types and transmission protocols.

A fully managed service

The team at MessageXchange manages all infrastructure and security, including ISO 27001, for single touch payroll compliance. Our platform is monitored 24×7, hosted in Australia and comes with a guaranteed service level and proven reliability. Everything is managed for you, including security patching and compliance updates, so you can spend time on the things that matter.

Trust a secure service

MessageXchange is ISO 27001 certified in information security management so you can rest assured your data, and that of employees, will remain secure. Our Gateways are regularly backed up, audited and maintain full activity logs for added security.


Manage your Gateway via a secure portal

Have the flexibility of managing your Gateway through our secure web-based portal where you can see:

  • Real-time monitoring of your messages
  • Reports that are fully configurable to provide detailed business intelligence
  • Fault diagnosis and error management
  • Service level feedback

Suitable for all businesses

Whether you’re a business processing your own payroll, a payroll company servicing thousands of employees, or a software vendor providing single touch payroll capability to your customers, a MessageXchange STP Gateway will have you compliant quickly and easily. Our service is configurable and scalable; it’s able to handle very small through to extremely large message volumes and can grow as your business does.

One Gateway for all your business needs

The one connection to MessageXchange enables your business to extend beyond just Single Touch Payroll. Take advantage of a range of services including eInvoicing, SuperStream, electronic data interchange (EDI) and more.

Have the flexibility to upload your file through a browser

If you need quick and easy compliance, our STP Gateway and Custom STP Gateway plans enable you to simply upload your STP file through a web browser.

You have the option to use this functionality alone, but you can also move to a fully integrated solution at any time by connecting to MessageXchange using our API or an sFTP folder. And if your software can’t accept response messages from the ATO, you can choose to post the reports from your software, but view the responses in a browser.

Technical information

View the standards, protocols and file types supported by MessageXchange, gateway security and more.

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