Meet standards without hassle

Our eInvoicing Gateway maps your application’s files to the industry standard, UBL 2.1. As your Access Point, we send the UBL 2.1 file to the eInvoicing network via ebMS 3.0 AS4, to be delivered to the recipient. All that’s needed is the connection between your application and the Gateway; we’ll handle the rest!

(English) eInvoicing interoperability framework

Remove manual data entry and document scanning

Sending documents via MessageXchange removes the need for error-prone data entry and document scanning. The exact input data is mapped to the destination format, removing the risk of misinterpretation or human error.

Go with a trusted provider

MessageXchange has been closely involved in the development of the eInvoicing standards by the Digital Business Council. With the standards about to be rolled out, several MessageXchange eInvoicing pilots are underway.

MessageXchange has extensive experience in mapping and integration, particularly for SuperStream and Standard Business Reporting, as well as the supply chain, logistics, manufacturing and financial services industries.

Choose a flexible service

Your MessageXchange Gateway is fully configurable and can support all your B2B requirements, not just eInvoicing. We support a wide range of standards in the one gateway, including SuperStream, Standards Business Reporting and electronic data interchange (EDI).

Trust a reliable gateway

Our eInvoicing Gateway is hosted in Australia and comes with a guaranteed service level and proven reliability.


查看标准、协议、MessageXchange 支持的文件类型、网关安全及其他。


Looking for a free eInvoicing portal?

Check out our partner, Colladium. It’s free to use and complies with the eInvoicing standards!

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