Comply with the EDI requirements of your trading partners

If you’ve been asked to trade using EDI but don’t want to use an integrated solution, our webforms allow you to comply with your trading partners’ requirements quickly and easily.

Our forms are built to the retailer’s specifications, including their required fields, documents and business rules, so you exchange the information they need in the format they need.

If your trading partner requires an SSCC label, just build your ASN in the web portal and print the system-generated PDF on your office laser printer.

Connect with multiple trading partners using the one portal

The MessageXchange webform solution connects to more than 20 Australian retailers. Use the one portal to receive all your orders and send back the required documents. It’s simple to use – no technical knowledge required!

Choose an cost-effective solution with all the features you need

Our webform solution is perfect for companies who exchange a modest volume of orders and choose not to integrate. For only $79 a month (plus $20 for each additional connection), get everything you need to trade with your buyers.

Cloud based with high availability

Our webforms solution is cloud based so you can access it at any time, anywhere with internet.

Support when you need it

Our Melbourne-based support team are available to assist you during business house. We can also help you through the accreditation process if the retailer requires it.

Looking for a forms solution to roll out to your community?

We’ve worked with a number of retailers to create forms communities for their suppliers. We offer flexible arrangements tailored to your business. We work with you to develop the specifications, and can even develop MIGs and community onboarding strategies. Have a chat with us to find out more.

Register today!

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We can connect you to all of these companies and more: